The world is a rapidly changing place.

Climate awareness and concerns are leading companies to adopt carbon neutral policies and goals. In the process heating arena, process pipework is commonly heated by a water jacket.

This jacket encases the product pipe and contains pumped hot water. The hot water is generally created by burning gas in a boiler or calorifier. It is impossible to become carbon neutral whilst burning fossil fuels. This provides a conundrum: how to heat pipes without burning gas?

This is where Limpet Heating is rising to the challenge. Our ‘CATTS’ process pipe heating system is powered by electricity.

If users have a renewable electrical supply, they can become carbon neutral as soon as the CATTS system is installed.

What’s more, the system can also be used to heat bulk storage tanks, pumps, valves, flowmeters; in fact, the entire process.
Unlike water jacketed systems, our system is insulated. It is a ‘dry’ heating system which will not pose any risk of a water leak. This addition of insulation, along with the efficient CATTS microprocessor control, results in an energy saving of 90%.

Furthermore, it is a fully digital system, so users can accurately program the thermal output and monitor it. With full PROFINET communications, you can monitor and control your process heating 24/7.
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