Chocolate Enrober Heating

The Limpet 'Excalibar' is used for heating various options in chocolate enrobing machines

Chocolate enrobing machines can suffer from the build-up of chocolate in parts of the machine, notably around the mesh conveyor rollers both inside and at the ends, inside end panels or on scraper bars.

To address this, Limpet Heating have developed their unique 316 stainless steel 'Excalibar' heating bar, which can be retrofitted to existing machines or installed in new ones, ensuring that the chocolate stays liquid, thereby reducing maintenance downtime.

Limpet Excalibar Heaters can be custom-designed to fit any size of machine and can be supplied in either 110Vac or 230Vac versions. They can deliver up to 800W, depending upon the width of the machine.

The heater bar is controlled by a MegaLimpet located in a suitable position in the machine housing. This provides accurate temperature control using our patented Limpet control technology.

An Excalibar fitted to the end panel of a chocolate enrober where internal chocolate buildup was a constant problem. The set temperature was 29°C and the chocolate buildup has now ceased.

Example of a chocolate enrober heating application: Biscuit inverter bar

An Excalibar that was custom-built to replace the existing heater

The Limpet Heating Story

The enrobing machine had consistent problems with biscuits being thrown out of alignment when they were inverted after enrobing. This resulted in a very high level of waste - typically 20 biscuits per minute.

Limpet designed and built a heated bar that replaced the existing heating system and resulted in biscuits turning over correctly and hence eliminating the waste.