The OmegaLimpetTM is a flange heater that is designed to fit snugly onto flanges and provide powerful, direct heating that prevents product solidification.

Flanges on pipes, pumps, valves, meters and other industrial process equipment are notorious for freezing up in cold weather and are challenging to heat using traditional heating systems, such as electrical trace heating or hot water.

Various size options are available for easy installation to a range of standard pipe flange sizes.

The OmegaLimpetTM combines a MicroLimpet (and once launched, a SigmaLimpet) to heat a range of profiled adaptor blocks that fit tightly around pipe flanges. These are notorious for "freezing up", especially if there is a temporary halt in product flow along the pipe.

OmegaLimpet in Action

Thermal image showing how effective the Omega is at keeping a flange well heated, even without insulation. The higher the temperature, the lighter the colour in the image.

You can see that the Omega shape wraps heat around the flange as it conducts through the aluminium, giving the flange a bear-hug of heat.

The MicroLimpet is shown at the bottom (as heat rises) and for applications where very accurate temperature is a must, our Sigma unit has a microprocessor built-in.

The Omega bear-hug gives your batch process the anti-blocking feature you need for viscous products to keep downtime from blockages a forgotten history.

Flange heating application examples

We have used the 'Omega' concept in numerous different ways:

On a variety of pumps that have one of more flanges and where heating the flanges also heats the pump body by conduction, keeping the product flowing. The types of pumps where this method of heating can be used include centrifugal, diaphragm and screw pumps.

On a variety of valves, using a similar concept, and including ball, gate, plug, diaphragm, pinch, butterfly, globe, needle, check (non-return), safety and relief valves.

On flow meters, including Coriolis meters, electromagnetic flow meters and turbine meters.
On large flanges. In this case, more than one heater and multiple adaptor blocks are used.


Compact, economic, cost saving, clean heating.

A robust IP67 AlphaLimpet mounted on a Endress + Hauser H200 Promag electromagnetic mass flow meter with two custom-made aluminium adaptor blocks.

The Limpet was set to operate at 70°C.

Example of using twin 'Omegas' on a mass flow meter

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