Valve Heating

Using Limpet Heaters to Keep Valves from Viscous Blockages

There are numerous types of valves used in industrial applications. Limpet can cater for almost every type of valve that requires heat to prevent cool down of product during stationary batching cycles.

Where other technologies may struggle to impart heat or have reduced life-cycle due to deterioration or burn out, Limpet heaters provide accurate temperature control where it is needed by using custom designed, profiled aluminium adapter blocks that fit snugly to the pump and provide a heat reservoir.

Valves can be heated using several different types of Limpet:

For accurate temperature control the microprocessor controlled AlphaLimpet.

For fixed pre-set temperature control up to 250°C the BetaLimpet, MicroLimpet, OmegaLimpet or DeltaLimpet.

For variable, accurate temperature control (using a temperature dial), the MaxiLimpet.

For larger valves requiring multiple heaters, an AlphaLimpet or MegaLimpet in combination with 'slave' MicroLimpets or BetaLimpets.

Valves that can be heated by Limpets

Some of the valves that can be heated by Limpets include ball, gate, plug, diaphragm, pinch, butterfly, globe, needle, check (non-return), safety and relief valves.

Example of a valve heater application: Pinch valves with MaxiLimpets and omega-style adaptor blocks


Heating provided by dual-channel MaxiLimpet heaters with twin PID control loops and potentiometer temperature control.

Required to maintain the valve temperature above 10°C in ambient temperatures down to -40°C.

Custom designed aluminium adaptor blocks secured around the pinch valve flanges to transmit heat into the valve bodies.

Innovative design for simple and rapid installation.

The Limpet Heating Story

The installation consisted of 12 large pneumatic pinch valves that were used to control the flow of a granular material. The aluminium bodied valves needed to operate at above 10°C in ambient temperatures down to -40°C to ensure continued operation and to prevent damage to the polymer valve sleeves.

The MaxiLimpets were custom designed to fit the application and were mounted on heat transfer plates that conducted heat into two aluminium 'omega' shaped adaptor blocks secured onto the valve flanges. This resulted in rapid heat transfer into the valve bodies.

Each valve was fully enclosed in an insulated jacket and cladding and they have operated successfully through the freezing winter months.